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Cartelux taps into Thailand’s booming ad-tech market with strategic business expansion

Australian ad-tech company, Cartelux, has announced its expansion into Thailand following its successful entry into European markets at the beginning of 2022 and consistent growth throughout the APAC region. The company is set to double their revenue, customers, and users.

Thailand is a prime market for business expansion in APAC

Thailand is one of the largest car markets in the APAC region and one of the world’s top ten largest automotive producers, with thousands of car dealerships located throughout the country. Cartelux sees Thailand as a prime market for expansion due to the country’s projected digital ad spending, which is set to exceed $2.7 billion baht in 2023, with the automotive sector leading the way.

With its centralized digital marketing software solution, Cartelux aims to assist automotive brands in driving business growth and solidifying its position as the go-to provider for ad-tech solutions in the industry. The company is building upon successful partnerships with major automotive brands  including Ford in Thailand since last year, and is excited to expand its reach in the country.

The Thailand operation will be led by Chanusnun Arsirawichai, an automotive industry leader with substantial experience in the management of automotive dealerships and automotive software providers – specifically CRM, marketing & data solutions.

The newly appointed Thailand Country Manager at Cartelux said, “We are thrilled to see the future of performance-driven retail marketing come to life in Thailand with our innovative technology. As Thailand continues to shift towards automated and centralized retail marketing, it presents an untapped opportunity for marketing efficiencies for the automotive brands and its dealerships. We want to help them achieve their marketing goals and business growth.”

‘Think Locally, Win Big’ with Cartelux

Cartelux’s software provides a unique solution for automotive brands and dealerships by enabling them to target customers with hyper-local advertising, resulting in highly effective campaigns and greater ROI. It simplifies and automates the digital ad creation, approval, and media buying processes, enabling dynamic personalization of creative assets while maintaining consistent brand campaigns. Live media analytics are available to every dealer to track ad performance.

Cartelux’s software is widely used in Thailand for Search, Display, and Video advertising across 57 provinces, with video advertising particularly successful, holding up to 40% of the market share. Dealerships can create digital campaigns in under 60 seconds with the Cartelux platform, saving significant time.

Cartelux’s success in Thailand is evident through the numerous hyper-local marketing campaigns that have generated impressive results. For instance, using Cartelux for such campaigns resulted in a 52% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) for display advertising, and a 5% increase for Video Through Rate (VTR) in video advertising, compared to the minimum industry benchmark of 2%. Additionally, the platform has produced campaigns with reduced display advertising costs.

Activating campaigns through Cartelux ensures brand compliance on a global level while maintaining local relevance. This means that global brands can remain locally relevant and appealing to their target audiences. A Ford study also demonstrated that using Cartelux for NSC-controlled, locally activated campaigns not only tripled Ford’s search but also led to a significant decline in competitor search.

Josh Williams, CEO of Cartelux, said: “Thailand is Cartelux’s fastest-growing market in APAC and the appointment of Chanusnun as Country Manager Thailand will play a crucial role in executing our regional expansion strategy. With Thailand’s position as a technology hub and early adopter of innovative technologies, our platform will undoubtedly support automotive brands driving business growth.”

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