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AIS takes a leap towards THE NEXT EVOLUTION.

AIS has announced its progress to THE NEXT EVOLUTION by leveling up its capabilities of intelligent digital infrastructure to provide an ultra-modern experience to the Thai nation, including every sector of business, as part of its quest to become the Cognitive Tech-Co. It is operating under the concept of the Sustainable Nation, focused on generating economic growth through a mutually beneficial Ecosystem Economy in the digital world. to benefit individual people, society, the economy, and the environment.

  1. The evolution of the Intelligence Infrastructure towards network and technology innovation.
    • Pioneering the cutting-edge 5G Living Network in collaboration with NT to provide NT and AIS customers, as well as Thai people, with an enhanced digital experience.
    • Elevating internet access speeds to over 13 million households by partnering with 3BB to enhance the Fiber network.
    • Expanding the capabilities of the Enterprise Platform, including CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) and AIS Paragon, to connect 5G, Fiber, Edge Computing, Cloud, and Software Application networks, bolstering the core industries of the country.
  2. The evolution of Cross-Industry Collaboration, another crucial step in industry cooperation.
    • Enhancing both software and hardware efficiency by incorporating Generative AI and Cloud PC.
    • Facilitating connections between banks and retail stores through the Point Platform, benefiting over 1.8 million small businesses and leading department stores, as well as more than 30,000 partner stores nationwide.
  3. Sustainable evolution to foster the sustainable growth of society and the environment through expanding cooperation to create a Green Partnership and provide access to digital knowledge, resilience-building, and skills for the future through the Academy for Thais.

Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Services Plc. (AIS) noted, “We have continued on our path of mutual growth in the Ecosystem Economy. We have maintained our focus to fulfill three key obligations, which are, developing intelligent digital infrastructure, facilitating cross-industry collaboration, and operating the business sustainably. We are leveling up personnel capabilities to become a Cognitive Tech-co, leading to the promotion of sustainable growth of Thailand as a Sustainable Nation.

“The current global situation presents extreme challenges with wide ranging impacts, including the risk of warfare arising from geopolitics, international trade barriers, energy, inflation, and the environment. AIS Is ready to be part of building resilience and sustainability for Thailand, through the key evolutions of the digital world and the Thai telecom industry, THE NEXT EVOLUTION. This will transform the customer experience in every dimension.

“AIS’ Intelligence Infrastructure encompasses mobile phones, home Internet, enterprise customers and digital services. AIS has built next-level cutting-edge intelligent digital infrastructure, ranges from the AIS 5G network, which still holds the number one spot for internet quality and speed as certified by Ookla®, to collaboration with NT, as a partner on the 700 MHz waveband. Besides delivering quality and an excellent user experience for both NT and AIS customers, it also builds in resilience and sustainability for Thailand’s national telecom provider.”

Somchai added, “AIS believes that telecom networks are more than a mere dumb pipe. Networks can always add intelligence to deliver many more benefits and create added value for customers. Today, we have entered the new evolution of the Thai telecom industry with the service of a Living Network, which is so much more than just telecommunications. With this, customers are enabled to control and design their own Data use cases to match their lifestyles, which will kick off in December 2023.”

In the realm of broadband infrastructure, our collaboration with 3BB is set to bring extensive benefits to Thai internet users, enhancing access to over 13 million households. Additionally, AIS’s broadband business is poised to become a key player in the market, ready to deliver continuous innovation and exceptional service. Most notably, we are proud to introduce the latest WiFi 7 technology in Thailand, in partnership with TP-Link, featuring WiFi 7 standard routers designed to seamlessly connect devices, alleviate signal congestion issues, ensure smooth usage, support 8K video streaming, and meet the demands of everyone in the household, including VR enthusiasts.

AIS is also leveling up Enterprise Infrastructure and platforms, which is transforming the work of companies and the industrial sector, who can now implement digital to be a part or all of their work to boost efficiency and provide a future competitive edge. This is attained through collaboration with a network of leading global partners that is the largest and most wide-ranging of its kind in Thailand, and includes Data Center, Bridge Alliance, AIS PARAGON, as well as Communications Platform as a Service (CpaaS), a Cloud-based solution for corporate communications.

The AIS CEO also added, “We are leveraging the strengths of our partners, such as a partnership with Krung Thai Bank (KTB) to implement a platform connecting Tungngern and Thong Fa (Blue Flag) retailers, comprising over 1.8 million small traders, mom and pop stores and street food vendors nationwide. Partnerships have also been established with leading department stores and over 30,000 partner stores around the country, with a strong ecosystem whose purpose is to deliver benefits, ease burdens and grant exclusive privileges to customers, while promoting the grass-roots economy in mutual sustainable growth.”

As for benefits for companies from this collaboration with partners, we have been working with ZTE to roll out Cloud PC for Enterprise, which allows companies to manage their resources in the form of Desktop as a Service (DaaS). The Cloud-based system allocates resources as required, for maximum security of data protection.

For the first time in Southeast Asia, a collaboration with Microsoft provides the services of Microsoft Teams Phone, which enables companies to manage their communications conveniently, securely and cost effectively. The service enables employees to make and receive calls to external numbers through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. Also being deployed is the amazing innovation of genAI, which will level up more efficient working in the modern age with Microsoft 365 Copilot for Enterprise.

Somchai explained further about the company’s commitment to the next evolution of national sustainability. “In the modern world. we cannot define our success in terms of mere profits. The company must engage in looking after the economy, people, society and the environment at the same time, under the principles of SDGs. Therefore, besides rolling out digital to provide equal access, we are also promoting the use of technology constructively and responsibly. Users have been provided with the skills to be good digital citizens through the AIS Aunjai CYBER program since 2016, to reduce the impact of cyber threats and scams which are currently prevalent. This has been achieved through the Aunjai CYBER 4P syllabus which has been studied by over 300,000 people.

“We are also focused on building a Green Network for the environment, by managing with innovation. For instance, we have implemented AI technology in network towers to manage energy use in line with customer load. AIS has even increased the proportion of renewables, both solar and wind, in the company’s energy mix. Another vital operation has been to encourage customers to engage in conserving the environment by instilling awareness of the crucial need to sort electronic waste (E-Waste). This is implemented under an E-Waste disposal target of Zero e-waste to landfill by using correct disposal methods. AIS is ready to become a HUB OF E-WASTE bringing every sector together, to address the issue of E waste on a sustainable basis.”

Somchai concluded, “We are fully aware of our key role at AIS, over and above setting standards of excellence for products, services, innovation or customer care. We will continue with our obligation to support the country’s progress to become a Sustainable Nation. Every member of AIS teams is ready to make the necessary efforts towards fulfilling these obligations, to achieve sustainable success.”

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