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SCB presents an “Fraud Fighter” campaign to help people avoid scams

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is highly conscious of impacts from financial frauds and scams, which have been surging exponentially since the recent pandemic and are continually evolving. According to Royal Thai Police statistics for police report requests between 1 March 2022 – 31 May 2023, accumulated losses due to online scammers exceeded 38 billion baht, with an average loss as high as 74 million baht/day.

SCB has taken action by implementing preventive measures and guidelines against financial threats, along with strengthening system security in accordance with the Bank of Thailand’s (BOT) requirements and maintains continuous communications with customers to raise awareness about financial threats and cyber threats. The significant value of losses among the public could impact their trust in future financial transactions.

SCB recognizes the immense importance for customers to be well-informed and comprehend risks, enabling them to effectively avoid scams. Therefore, SCB has launched the “Fraud Fighter” campaign with the key objectives of helping people become aware of, understand, and know how to prevent financial frauds and scams. The campaign contents cover threats from scammers faced by both businesses and consumers, organized into three main sections: 1) Updates on scammer tricks, 2) How to avoid scams, and 3) Actions to take if you fall victim.

Additionally, news and announcements from the BOT and SCB as well as interesting articles about scams, are available. Furthermore, SCB has partnered with The Standard, Thailand’s leading online media agency, to develop the campaign and create exclusive social media content contains useful scam warnings, aimed at broader public awareness.

Through the “Fraud Fighter” campaign, SCB aims to raise awareness among businesses and the public to stay informed about scammer tricks. SCB remains committed to consistently strengthening security measures for prevention, monitoring, follow-up, and providing immediate support for customers susceptible to financial threats and potentially widespread losses that may adversely affect the creditability of financial institutions and other organizations.

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